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What does each dictionary cover


If you're reading this, you've probably seen a comment from @check-spelling suggesting that you could add a dictionary (or dictionaries) to reduce the number of entries in expect.txt.

Brute force

The laziest way to answer this question is to add one suggested dictionary to the workflow (along with 1 uncovered typo like xaxxxxxxxzzzzzzaaaaa -- to ensure there's a comment), and see the list of words that the action suggests to remove.

Repeating this for each suggested dictionary will work, although there are various downsides, especially that it's likely multiple dictionaries will cover certain words, so the order in which you apply dictionaries will impact which dictionary is credited with a word.


You can download each dictionary (the comment includes links to them) and then manually compare expect.txt to each dictionary.

This would understandably be quite tedious.


It's possible to leverage Looking for items locally to merge the contents of expect.txt (or expect/*.txt) and then use it to effectively grep (using perl as there are a number of quirks which means grep won't work) against each dictionary.

(Script to follow, hopefully...)

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