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Documentation for check-spelling

Known Issues

Only changed doesn't work when PRs are initially created from forks

When using only_check_changed_files and a PR is created from a fork, the initial check will probably not find files to check, producing a warning:

⚠️ Was not provided any regular readable files

When the PR is updated triggering a synchronize event, check-spelling should be able to properly identify changed files and report them (but this will miss any files only changed in the initial PR and not in the updates).

Reported in v0.0.21 (v0.0.22 was released around the time that v0.0.21 was added to the reporting repository).

ℹ️ This should generally not be a problem as of v0.0.23.


Please test prerelease. Feedback welcome.

Too many unrecognized words

ℹ️ This should generally not be a problem as of v0.0.20.


If the generated comment exceeds GitHub's limit, it'll be rejected.


Usually this happens when a bunch of binary files are added and are not in excludes.




See Automatically truncate comment

👷 Upgrade to v0.0.20 (or newer)

@dependabot can't comment


@dependabot makes special push events without the standard comment permission, as it's a really magical account. Normally a third party would have its own private fork, push to the fork and create a pull_request (+ pull_request_target) to the destination repository. But that isn't how @dependabot is implemented.


See @dependabot

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