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Suppress PR check when workflow changes


Normally in a repository, it makes sense to skip running CI on a push if there's an open PR for the same source branch (see suppress_push_for_open_pull_request) -- otherwise one can get two slightly conflicting reports and in general the reports from the PR side are more accurate wrt what a user should do.

If the workflow itself changes and the PR would rely on pull_request_target, then the validity of the PR check is void.

Simple workaround

Using suppress_push_for_open_pull_request: ${{ != 'dependabot[bot]' && 1 }} as in will result in new branches created by dependabot being checked which is a good start.

A smarter implementation would be for the engine itself to check to see if the workflow file has changed in the push handler and then ignore suppress_push_for_open_pull_request.

See Also

Note that the above doesn't actually solve problems for PRs from forks, that will need to be addressed by Tolerate engine upgrades

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