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Documentation for check-spelling

Name the files for what they act on

The names for the config files aren't particularly obvious to everyone.


  1. What each file acts on isn't obvious (some act on the dictionary, some on file content, some on the results of the spell checker, some on the resulting comment)
  2. The file format for each file isn't obvious (and it varies significantly)


This is a proposal, I'm still playing with it.

File formats

Kind Current Proposed
Single word-per line txt words
Perl Regular Expression txt patterns
GitHub Markdown txt md

Overview of changes

Category Task Format Current Proposed
Dictionary Replace base dictionary words dictionary dictionary
Dictionary Add items to dictionary words allow dictionary_additions
Dictionary Remove items from dictionary patterns reject dictionary_removals
Files Ignore files patterns excludes file_ignore
Files Limit file checking patterns only file_exclusive
Content Mask file content patterns patterns line_masks
Content Forbidden patterns patterns line_forbidden line_objections
Output Acknowledge some word-like things that aren't in the dictionary words expect word_expectations
Output Help users respond to the bot md advice ?

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