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Documentation for check-spelling

excludes Examples

Note that regular expressions are generally case-sensitive. You can use (?:(?i)...) to make a line case-insensitive (currently all lines are treated together, so if you don't scope your item, it will carry through to the remaining lines, which is could be unexpected -- this is likely to change in the near future).

# Ignore directories (Golang) named `vendor`
# Ignore directories named `third_party`
# Ignore npm files
# Ignore files named (yarn for Node.js) `yarn.lock`
# Ignore files named (rust) `Cargo.toml`
# Ignore files or directories that case-insensitively have `LICENSE` somewhere in their path
# Ignore files ending in...
# Ignore Excel files (`.xsl` and `.xslx`)
# Ignore locales that aren't en / en_GB (roughly: keep en_US and drop everything else)
# Ignore GitHub `` in the root
# Ignore the action's configuration data
# Ignore all GitHub workflow files

Convert paths to regular expressions

As of v0.0.20, if you have full file paths you want to exclude, you can wrap the path in ^\Q...\E$ and add it as a line in excludes.txt.

Note that \Q...\E notation is not compatible with v0.0.19 / older releases, so during migration one should be sure not to use it.

Once you've upgraded, you can safely convert...


excludes is designed to enable check-spelling to skip files that match any of the patterns in excludes.

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