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Documentation for check-spelling

Breaking change: Dropping support for on: schedule


The original workaround for not having permissions for pull requests from forks was to use the schedule event.

That was supplanted with the introduction of support for pull_request_target.

There was other contemplated work Limit schedule branches for the feature, but pull_request_target has proven to be considerably cleaner than schedule and at this point, schedule is mostly abandoned.



Will probably be the last version supporting schedule.

It will include a warning linking to this item.


(or whatever comes after 0.0.22)

Will probably not support schedule.


In most cases you should be able to refresh your workflow using adopting a standard on: pull_request_target.


If you're actually using schedule, please check for an issue. If there is one, please add your use case to it, if there isn't one, please open an issue and explain why you're using schedule instead of push/pull_request/pull_request_target.

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