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Documentation for check-spelling

Limit schedule branches

⚠️ This feature was contemplated but abandoned.

Support for schedule will be removed before 1.0.0.

Problem space

  1. Users should be able to get spell checking feedback without creating a PR.
    • Solution: use push to trigger spell checking
  2. If one uses both push and pull_request, then things run twice, which looks bad (and is fairly confusing)
  3. If users create forks that don't enable actions, then the push trigger can easily not run.
    • This is a social problem. Once a user interacts with an upstream, they can be encouraged to enable workflows in their fork.


I added schedule which goes in and looks for PRs and potentially checks things, ideally it should be able to suppress itself if there's already a run. I think that logic may be missing.

If schedule finds a PR that doesn't have spell checking configured, it imports its own settings and uses them. This is fine if the baseline is fairly error free. It's pretty overwhelming/confusing when that isn't the case -- because most complaints are about the baseline and not the PR changes.

I think schedule can be suppressed by adding an only.txt file to a target branch.

If I retain schedule, I probably need to introduce a way to define branches to check/ignore.

I expect that before a 1.0.0 release I will remove support for schedule. I've resolved the interaction between push and pull_request_target using Suppress push for open pull request.

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