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Documentation for check-spelling

If you want to see what would happen if you applied check-spelling to a repository, here's a handy script that will create copies of open PRs into a testing repository.


#!/usr/bin/env perl
# migrate-prs
# This script will migrate PRs from `origin` to `check-spelling`
# It expects that `gh` is configured with credentials
# It expects that `git` can `fetch` from `origin` and `push` to `check-spelling`
my @branches;
open MERGES, 'git ls-remote origin|';
while (<MERGES>) {
    next unless m{^([0-9a-f]+)\s+refs/pull/(\d+)/merge$};
    my ($sha, $pr) = ($1, "pr-$2");
    system('git', 'fetch', 'origin', $sha);
    system('git', 'branch', '-f', $pr, $sha);
    push @branches, $pr;
close MERGES;
system('git', 'push', 'check-spelling', @branches);
my $repo=`git remote get-url --push check-spelling`;
chomp $repo;
for $branch (@branches) {
    system('gh', 'pr', 'create', '-f', '-R', $repo, '-H', $branch, '-t', "(origin) $branch",
    '-b', 'Automatic PR to preview spell-check status');


  1. git remote add origin upstream-url
  2. git remote add check-spelling testing-fork-url
  3. migrate-prs

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