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Documentation for check-spelling

Update expect command-line

Shipped in v0.0.21


There's an optional feature that lets users ask @check-spelling-bot to update the expect files on the PR directly.

Previously the action generated a shell command that runs perl that users can use to update their expect file(s). And if a commit/branch results in no new spelling errors, the output is sent to a log. While it might be possible to get the log to be consumable by the bot, it would have been a non-trivial amount of work.

A lot of users were hoping for a stable script one could get from the check-spelling repository which could consume the expect updates and apply them.


☑ Support URLs pointing to Markdown flavored comments

☑ Support URLs pointing to GitHub action check logs

☑ Support simple lists of adds/removes

☑ Support excludes

☑ Support spell-check-this

☑ Support private repositories (you can't use curl to retrieve content from these w/o a token, and I don't want to task users for a token)

☑ Enable switching from using a comment to using github_step_summary

☑ Switch reported shell script / logged shell script to use this script instead

☑ Support running on Windows

Design choices


main generates something like `curl -L '' |

perl - ''`main talk-to-bot can handle such a url

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