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Documentation for check-spelling

Treat specific errors as warnings


check-spelling has a number of errors and warnings.

It's understood that not every user will agree with which items should be errors and which warnings


As of v0.0.20, you can specify which events should be treated as warnings using the warnings parameter.

As of v0.0.21, you can specify which events should be treated as notices using the notices parameter.

Default settings

Check the action.yml file in the version you're using to see its defaults. Alternatively, you can check the workflow run to see the value used. At the time of this note (v0.0.21), the setting had:

    description: 'List of events that are warnings (items that are neither warnings nor notices will result in an :x:)'
    required: false
    default: bad-regex,binary-file,deprecated-feature,large-file,limited-references,no-newline-at-eof,noisy-file,non-alpha-in-dictionary,unexpected-line-ending,whitespace-in-dictionary,minified-file,unsupported-configuration

If you wanted to treat unrecognized-spelling as a warning and deprecated-feature as an error, you could add unrecognized-spelling and remove deprecated-feature:

  warnings: unrecognized-spelling,bad-regex,binary-file,large-file,limited-references,no-newline-at-eof,noisy-file,non-alpha-in-dictionary,unexpected-line-ending,whitespace-in-dictionary,minified-file,unsupported-configuration

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