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Documentation for check-spelling

Suppress commenting

Included in v0.0.20

Some projects would like to have the CI ❌ behavior w/o the GitHub comments.

Especially for projects where people make lots of commits while a PR is open and don't squash-rebase as they go (before merge).


  post_comment: true

CI State

The bot would still trigger the ❌ (which if the project enables blocking PRs for would be enough).


The logs would still have the reporting.

Comment after the fact

An artifact can be generated containing enough information to produce a comment. As of v0.0.20, the recommended workflow uses this artifact to produce a comment.

It would be possible to generate a compatible artifact and then comment after the fact...

I could probably also once I turn on talk-to-bot include an option for @check-spelling-bot report or similar to have the bot post the comment. Or possibly even @check-spelling-bot report REFERENCE if the bot persists enough to be able to regenerate the comment w/o doing the work (this is something I'm close to doing for other stuff).

It's unlikely that I'll do this, as I'm more likely to work on GITHUB_STEP_SUMMARY support.

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