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Documentation for check-spelling

Suggest dictionaries when dictionaries aren't available


When check-spelling upgrades, it occasionally changes its cspell alias to use a new set of dictionaries. When this happens, some dictionaries may no longer be available. Configured dictionaries as of v0.0.21 must be available, otherwise it will quit with a fatal error.

Right now, it discards all dictionaries and doesn't clearly explain which ones it couldn't get vs which ones it no longer has was it's discarded all of them.

Prerelease flow

In prerelease, check-spelling at least includes a GitHub Job Summary which leads to the Events page with enough information for how users can recover from this.

Improved flow

It's possible for check-spelling to reset its cspell alias, its extra_dictionaries and check_extra_dictionaries and raise the extra_dictionary_limit and then run based on that.

Instead of discarding all dictionaries, it can use a file to report the original names of all the dictionaries it couldn't resolve. That'll make it possible to retain the resolved dictionaries, clean up the code a bit, and get to the next part.

When it's done, it can suggest removing the unavailable dictionaries and users can select from the suggested dictionaries.

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