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Documentation for check-spelling

Suggest commit after expect update

Included in v0.0.20

Currently the flow is

  1. User creates a PR.
  2. This triggers a workflow which could add a ❌ status.
  3. User uses Update expect list which triggers an additional commit.
  4. This doesn't trigger a new workflow run because GitHub doesn't want to risk triggering a loop.

Thus, at this point it's likely that spell check would pass "now", but doesn't currently have a ✅ status.


At this point, the check has most recently ❌ failed, and there's a new commit without checks.

If your repository has a mandatory check for this action, it would refuse to merge.


Users can just edit the expect file and add a blank line.


The action will add a comment suggesting adding that blank line to trigger a new check pass (until a better approach is added).

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