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Documentation for check-spelling

Spelling comments without config


Through 0.0.16-alpha, if you didn't create an expect file, the output listing unrecognized words (and the command to create the expect file) was only available in the Action run logs.

I had a model of assuming people would want to review things and use the output before merging somewhere.


In retrospect, and based on experience and feedback, I've decided that having the output and commands to construct the expect file should be reported as a comment just as with later runs.

Also, because of the way GitHub formats the logs, it's actually moderately painful to extract output from them to run as a command, and thus relying on a comment is generally better.

Behavior Change

With this change, any run which results in unrecognized words should post a comment, even if there isn't an expect file.

⚠️ Note: The comment may fail if the number of unrecognized words is incredibly long. In those cases, one will probably want to write some exclude entries (or only) in order to limit what the tool analyzes.

This change shouldn't impact existing users as they're already set up with an expect file. It should only impact the onboarding process hopefully making it smoother.

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