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Documentation for check-spelling

Only files changed in a commit / series

Included in v0.0.20

Originally, this action would scan the entire repository (or at least everything that isn't covered by excludes / skipped per only).

Some repositories may take ~20-40 (or even 60-180) minutes to scan. As GitHub bills by the minute, and this action is mostly interested in preventing users from adding new typos, it is useful to only scan files changed recently (or even only the hunks that were changed recently).

Check changed files

First working implementation: a0d13938e0ff519c1ebfd23284e8d19780bd8811

There are two modes:


    only_check_changed_files: 1

Incompatible with

Future Work

Recognizing expect misses

It could look at the removed side of diffs and use that to keep a list of items from expect -- anything that it doesn't find in the added side could be treated as suspect.

It could then do one round of checking the unchecked files (or all files if the initial check pass is only on the added line hunks and not the entirety of the changed files) for just the that subset of expect. I think that should be faster than the full parse path, but I'd definitely make it an optional thing, and I'd probably implement it later.

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