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Documentation for check-spelling

Easier bootstrapping

You should be able to copy the contents of into your repository and push.

Versions 0.0.20 and newer can offer to install spell-check-this's template content.

Versions 0.0.17 and newer will walk you through improvements (as will that repository's template content).

Historical information

Prior to 0.0.17, in order to get the shiny features from check-spelling, to get started, one needed to:

With 0.0.17, bucket and project are replaced by config which defaults to .github/actions/spelling (as if one had specified bucket: .github/actions and project: spelling). Note that bucket and project are still supported (and to retain backwards compatibility these override config).

With 0.0.17, the action will provide comments when it runs even if there is no expect (or similar) file. This should lead to a more natural flow.

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