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Documentation for check-spelling

Dictionaries with unique value

Some dictionaries will have high overlap with other dictionaries.

Evolving the available supplemental dictionary report

In v0.0.20

Unrecognized words (number)

... list

Previously acknowledged words that are now absent number not listed

... list generally collapsed

Available dictionaries could cover words not in the dictionary

This includes both expected items (some number which also counts items that are absent) from .github/actions/spelling/expect.txt and unrecognized words (number)


In prerelease

They're now shown in table form which will make it easier to expose an extra column of data...

Available dictionaries could cover words not in the dictionary

Dictionary Entries Covers
cspell:software-terms/src/software-terms.txt 1237 3
cspell:java/java.txt 7642 2
cspell:cpp/src/cpp.txt 30216 2
cspell:clojure/src/clojure.txt 89 1

Consider adding them using (in .github/workflows/spelling.yml):


To stop checking additional dictionaries, add:

        check_extra_dictionaries: ''

Expose unique entries, common entries, total entries

dictionary (unique matching entries, common matching entries, total entries)

Where unique matching entries + common matching entries = matching entry count.

An entry in a dictionary would be scored into unique matching entries only if it isn't present in other dictionaries. is an example of a single unknown word and many expected words; this example, more than most, drives home the question "would any of these dictionaries reduce this list" -- consider columns for both expected words and unknown words.

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