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Documentation for check-spelling

Correct misspelling

Identify misspelled words

check-spelling at present only identifies misspellings.

Apply corrections

It would be nice if one could give it a list of corrections and have it prepare a commit / PR.

This is obviously appealing, but at present it's fairly low on my list of things to do.


As long as you have a local repository (and I usually do, although of late I've been taking advantage of the GitHub editor to skip this), it's pretty easy to fix things yourself.

At the present time, you can use jsoref/spelling's rs command for this or various other things.

Renaming files

Note: there's an extra script hgmv which sometimes needs to be run before rs (it takes the same first two arguments as rs and manages renaming files). This is especially important for programming languages where classes are tied to filenames, but it also matters for build system changes and Markdown/HTML links.

Intermediate step

I think I'm going to write a version of rs which is aware of the spell checker excludes files and at the same time roll in the rename functionality.

That would be a good step toward being able to ingest a list of corrections.

Picking corrections in a semi automated manner

For reference, at present, I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet which constructs the rs commands automatically (just running Sheets's Spell Check and accepting its corrections generates the commands). – At some point, I'll publish this as well. Sheets makes case aware corrections which is incredibly handy and its corrections tend to be better than Google Chrome/Google Search Suggest.

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