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Documentation for check-spelling

Block Ignore

JSON/HTML/XML/Yaml/ssh keys often have nothing useful on a given line, but people still want to ignore a hunk.

This will not be implemented in the patterns.txt file as patterns isn't really compatible w/ such an extension.


In scope

Not implemented

Sadly, these items argue that the initial file format will not work and something fancier will be needed. It'll probably be of the form:


name: (free text)
begin-token: (token)
end-token: (token)
file-path-pattern: (regular-expression)
stop-after: (token)

block-ignore.toml: (not strict toml, a minimal flavor)

name = (free text)
look-for-text = (token)
stop-at-text = (token)
look-for-pattern = (regular-expression)
stop-at-pattern = (regular-expression)
discontinue-at-text = (token)
file-path-pattern = (regular-expression)

Where file-path-pattern and stop-after would be optional fields, but begin-token and end-token would be mandatory. Whether name will be mandatory is unclear at this time -- this whole file format is currently just an idea.

Out of scope


Before applying patterns, check for any begin tag on the line. If one is hit, switch to a mode where the only way to leave the mode is EOF or the matching end tag (this means skipping all patterns and forbidden patterns and anything else) and plan to skip pattern/spell checking for the first line.

Once an end tag is hit, resume normal parsing (first for additional begin tags from the remainder of the line, and then for normal patterns/forbidden patterns/unknown words) on the next line.


Draft support in a file block-delimiters.list, format:

# Description of format 1
<begin token for format 1>
<end token for format 1>

# Description of format 2
<begin token for format 2>
<end token for format 2>

\# at the beginning of a line is treated as #, whereas # at the beginning of a line is treated as a comment.

This format is really lousy...


This is not yet implemented as of v0.0.22

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