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Documentation for check-spelling

Configuration: Advanced

Variable Description
VERBOSE 1 if you want to be reminded of how many words are in your expect list for each run.
debug If set, will print more debug messages in the job logs
bucket file/url for which the tool has read access to a couple of files.
project a folder within bucket. This allows you to share common items across projects.
timeframe number of minutes (default 60) to consider when a schedule workflow checks for updated PRs.

ℹ️ These are additional items beyond the core items listed in Configuration.


ℹ️ This has been superseded by config


ℹ️ This has been superseded by config


Used by the schedule action. Any open pull requests from another repository will be checked, and if the commit is within that timeframe, it will be processed.

ℹ️ In general you shouldn't need to use this as there are more recent ways to achieve desired goals.

In v0.0.21, reports are available via the step summary w/o requiring any special permissions.

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