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Documentation for check-spelling

Breaking change: Smaller dictionary

⏸️ There is no timeline for this work.

The default dictionary 📘 through v0.0.19 is quite large.

The downside of its comprehensiveness is that it has lots of archaic words. This means that it's rather forgiving of typos for common words in favor of those archaic words. It also means that if/when I implement correction suggestions suggestions are pretty quirky (e.g. Debian -> cebian).

I'll probably test the upgrade with known consumers and maybe switch in 0.0.19-alpha.

Note that as of 0.0.17-alpha, it's possible to specify a specific dictionary revision, which means that consumers will be able to avoid adopting the newer dictionary.

My tentative plan is to try wamerican-small based on If that works for some/most, I'll add wbritish-small as an alternate (and probably a combined). I expect that I'll make the default wamerican-small, and give each project the dictionary that makes sense.

I'm still thinking about the right way to do multiple dictionaries in general (see Area dictionaries).

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