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Documentation for check-spelling

Smaller cspell dictionaries

The cspell dictionaries that check-spelling can borrow aren't designed for cspell and just contain tokens that have been harvested by streetsidesoftware/cspell-dicts.

As check-spelling only wants words and not CamelCased tokens, any entry that has 🐫 or that has punctuation will be ignored, and thus is a waste of bandwidth and processing time. It hasn't really mattered a lot so far, but it turned out to be low-hanging fruit.

If you want to continue using your v0.0.20 configured cspell items, you can add this line to your workflow anywhere you have a reference to cspell::

  dictionary_source_prefixes: '{"cspell": ""}'


Old New
cspell:companies/companies.txt cspell:companies/src/companies.txt
cspell:python/python.txt cspell:python/src/python/python.txt + cspell:python/src/python/python-lib.txt probably

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