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Documentation for check-spelling

Breaking Change: Dropping support for broken act


In theory, github.action_path and env.GITHUB_ACTION_PATH should be more or less interchangeable and work in all GitHub Action Runtime environments.

Great theory. 🦄 🦷🧚‍♂️ 🎅...

There were bugs in nektos/act

Bug Fixed in
nektos/act#603 v0.2.22
nektos/act#607 v0.2.22
nektos/act#1488 v0.2.35

check-spelling had workarounds for them that relied on github.action_path as it was more reliable

GitHub's action runner has bugs


As the current version of nektos/act is v0.2.46, it seems like now is a fairly reasonable time to drop support for the workaround and switch to a form that works around the GitHub self-hosted runner bug instead...


While I'm fairly certain these bugs existed, since I reported them, and I worked around them, at this time, I can't reproduce them (using old versions of act), so it's possible that there weren't actually shipping versions with these bugs, but I'm pretty sure there were. Oh well.

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