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Behavior change: Patterns masking character


Originally patterns resulted in roughly a single " ", and more recently a " " per matched character.


With the introduction of Forbidden patterns, how those masked items worked mattered a bit.

Specifically, if one used this pattern (from Configuration Examples: patterns):

# version suffix <word>v#

And this forbidden pattern (from Configuration Examples: forbidden):

# Reject duplicate words

And had input:

define('DYNDNS_PROVIDER_VALUES', 'all-inkl azure azurev6 citynetwork cloudflare cloudflare-v6 cloudns custom custom-v6 desec desec-v6 digitalocean digitalocean-v6 dnsexit dnsimple dnsimple-v6 dnsmadeeasy dnsomatic domeneshop domeneshop-v6 dreamhost dreamhost-v6 duiadns duiadns-v6 dyfi dyndns dyndns-custom dyndns-static dyns dynv6 dynv6-v6 easydns easydns-v6 eurodns freedns freedns-v6 freedns2 freedns2-v6 glesys gandi-livedns gandi-livedns-v6 godaddy godaddy-v6 googledomains gratisdns he-net he-net-v6 he-net-tunnelbroker hover linode linode-v6 loopia mythicbeasts mythicbeasts-v6 namecheap nicru nicru-v6 noip noip-v6 noip-free noip-free-v6 onecom onecom-v6 ods opendns ovh-dynhost route53 route53-v6 selfhost spdyn spdyn-v6 strato yandex yandex-v6 zoneedit');

Which was roughly equivalent to:

define('DYNDNS_PROVIDER_VALUES', 'all-inkl azure azurev6 citynetwork');

The pattern would result in the spell checker seeing:

define('DYNDNS_PROVIDER_VALUES', 'all-inkl azure azure   citynetwork');

And then flagging

 azure azure

As a duplicate word (azure).


Instead of masking patterns with " ", as of v0.0.20, patterns will be masked with "=".

It's unlikely that anyone will notice this change as the only place this should matter is forbidden patterns which are v0.0.20 feature.

The spell checker itself ignores non-alpha characters (treating them as equivalent to " ") already. So the "=" is really only relevant during evaluation of Forbidden patterns.

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