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Documentation for check-spelling

Behavior change: Consumed line endings

Through v0.0.19, the line ending was included as part of the line being parsed.

With the v0.0.20, the line ending will not be included in the parsed content.

This could impact patterns that specifically look for \n / \r / ….

The change is mostly designed to make it easier for forbidden patterns to do something like:

\s(\w{3,})\s\g{-1}\s and have it not match (pkg/strutil/strutil_test.go):

	args args

Without this change, the code would log:

pkg/strutil/strutil_test.go: line 135, columns 2-12, Warning - `	args args
pkg/strutil/strutil_test.go: ` matches a line_forbidden.patterns entry. (forbidden-pattern)

I couldn't think of any better contortions to prevent this messy output.

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